Web Design

A business website should be user friendly, along with tools in place that will maximize the mission of the business. The right structure of these tools is primary. If your website is not converting visitors into leads and leads into sales, there may be a structural problem, and your business is not reaching its full potential.

search engine optimization

Lighthouse was created to bring your business to light on the web. We use sure-fire methods that organically rank your website high in the search engine results page. Organic search is vital to ensuring your business is brought to light on the web.

content marketing services

When a user visits a site frequently, they scan to find relative information. Does your business webpage meet their needs? Is it loaded with relative information that is keyword centric? We provide this necessary content, along with the passion and positivity it needs to raise the eyebrows and desires of the readers.

email marketing

Our unique approach is our onsite optimization plan. Lighthouse optimizes engagement with your audience by creating specialized click funnels on your website, thus setting you apart from your competition.

social media marketing

The majority of people, users and businesses alike are using at least one form of social media every day to express their values, desires, beliefs and business. Lighthouse uses strategic measures to track social media engagement to further the reach of your business.  With planning and development, we turn every user experience into a measuring tool for sustainable growth.

a la carte

We offer one time services on all of our marketing packages. These include:

- Website Optimization
- Social Media Optimization
- Email Marketing Optimization
- Content Marketing Optimization

core features

Focus Features


of all website traffic comes
from a search engine


search engined drive 300% more
traffic to sites than social media


SEO leads cost 61% less
than other leads

conversion funnels

When traffic comes to your website, we have specialized conversion funnels that will turn your traffic into sales.

brand notoriety

Your brand and web presence will dramatically increase, due to our diligent digital marketing efforts.

high level user experience

Lighthouse provides the latest and fastest technology available. This creates
memorable user experiences that push you ahead of the competition.

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Web Design


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