Tips On Optimizing Your Images

Tips On Optimizing Your Images

November 8, 2019

The importance of Google Imaging is growing. According to Jumpshot, about a third of all google searches are in Google Image Search. It is now more important than ever to clean up the ranking process for Google Images. Your business needs to shine the brightest on the web so that your unique process stands out.

Here are three small quick tips that will help optimize your images.

The Alt Attribute For The Image

It is important that search engines know and understand what the image is. By providing the correct alt text, search engines are aware of what's inside the picture. When it comes to this, it is always important to take the guessing out of the mind search engines.

Always be truthful about what is in the image. Stay away from dumping a bunch of keywords in your alt text that makes your business or church standout. If you make this mistake, you will pay for it.

The Caption For The Image

Providing a caption for you image will go along way towards making your image stand out. One of the reasons optimizers do not use captions is because they believe it is only for the audience of the page. This is a mistake. Captions are not only for the readers, it is also for search engines.

The Placement Of The Image

The placement of your image on a web page is very important. Images that sit alongside others in a gallery do not perform well. If the surrounding content beside the image is, well, other images, what makes each one of them stand out? You will find most of the images that rank higher come from a page that has original content supporting it. You always want the image to be the premiere photo of the page.

Bonus Tip: The Size of The Image

We know we promised you three, but here is another for kicks. The size of the image is also very important on image searches. Search engines are looking for images that are not too small, but also, not enormous. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. You should also use pictures that are high quality with a good pixel radius.

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November 8, 2019




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