The Art Of The Keyword

The Art Of The Keyword

November 20, 2019

What Is a Keyword?

Keywords are the amino acids of web search. They provide the essential ingredient in making search engines act and react at lightning speed.  As users go to the engines to search, they expect immediate results that are both relevant and insightful.  Databases, around the globe, store keyword based indexes, crawled and indexed by search engines, so that quick search results can be obtained for users.  It's an amazing fact, there are literally millions of small databases, specific to individual keywords, that allows them to retrieve essential data quickly when called upon.  

Keywords are the language of web.  When a user goes to search engines, they type into the search box the word that is key to their main idea.  If a person is wanting to find information on the best churches around town, they type into the search box the key words of their main idea, so that relevant information will be brought to their search results. This is important for search engine optimizers because, on the flip side, keywords must be used properly on pages so that they are placed with higher relevance on searches, thus achieving higher results.

“The broader the keyword, the fewer results.”

This brings up another question, how do optimizers differentiate their keywords from others?  

If everyone is using the same keyword, what makes one better than the other?  This is where the idea of specific keyword targeting comes into play.  For example, when a user is searching for businesses in a general area, the less specific they are, the broader search results they obtain.  Instead of typing into the search box "businesses in Allen, TX", instead, they may type in "cleaning business in Allen,TX ", to achieve better results.  On the alternative side, optimizers need to have keywords that are specific to those specific inquires from the user.  The broader the keyword, the fewer results.  

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November 20, 2019




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